How to achieve the best possible results for yourself and your stakeholders

We negotiate every day in most areas of our professional and personal lives.

Negotiating effectively requires careful preparations, discussions that expand and distribute value, and, above all, a careful effort to generate concrete results through implementation. 

Results, after all, are what we ultimately want from the negotiation process. 

All of us can learn to be better negotiators

Ohela Consulting brings world-class negotiation training by Prof. Sherman D. Roberts of Cambridge, USA, for organizations in Finland and the European Union. The courses are directed to professionals who want to excel in negotiations and achieve results.

Prof. Roberts has exceptional experience in teaching negotiation and leadership courses for executives and graduate students at top universities. He is the Founding Academic Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and the former Director of Executive Seminars at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

The Results-Driven Negotiation Method

The Results-Driven Negotiation Method is unique because it focuses throughout on achieving concrete outcomes. The Method develops every skill that negotiators need to prepare for every stage and step of the negotiation process: 

    1. how to make preparations with regard to determining your priorities, planning the setup of the negotiation, and developing a comprehensive negotiation strategy
    2. How to engage in key discussions to expand value, claim it, plan how to achieve the valued results, and close the discussions in the best possible way
    3. how to assure that the results targeted in our agreements are actually produced by the most effective and efficient means

This focus on knowing what to do at every point in the process to favor achieving the best possible outcomes is what sets Results-Driven Negotiation Method apart from, and above, other approaches to negotiation. 

The Results-Driven Negotiation Method is a research-based, comprehensive approach that guides you step-by-step into and through the entire negotiation process. It has been developed by Prof. Roberts and draws on his extensive experience of negotiation training and other executive education.


Who should participate?

The training has been designed for executives and managers in:

    • business – both multinational and national
    • associations
    • public sector organizations

Ohela Consulting offers the training as a B-to-B service for training institutes, corporations, public sector organizations, trade unions, associations and other legal entities. 

The program can be easily integrated into a training institute’s offering or to personnel development programs of corporations and other organizations. Tailoring is possible as long as it will not pose a risk for the quality of the program.


Group size and language

Optimal size of the course is between 30 and 60 people. A fairly large group is preferred to enable case simulations that are essential part of the program. Case simulations take place in small groups of 2-6 people.

The program language is English. Introductory remarks and assistance in Finnish can be provided.


The Results-Driven Negotiator Programs

There are three options, regarding program length:

    • The Results-Driven Negotiator, Core, 2 days
    • The Results-Driven Negotiator, Advanced, 3 days
    • The Results-Driven Negotiator, Expert, 5 days

The 2-day program presents the essential core elements. The longer ones cover the topics in greater depth. The 5-day program can be taught in two separate modules with a period of days or weeks between the two.

Much of the learning takes place through interactive exercises and role play case simulations that are used throughout the Program.

Prof. Sherman D. Roberts will act as the principal trainer and is responsible for the negotiation training methodology.

More Information

Please contact Ohela Consulting for more information.

We are happy to discuss the needs of your organization and how to adapt the Results-Driven Negotiator Program into your special context.

Professor Sherman D. Roberts

Prof. Sherman D. Roberts has extensive experience in negotiation training, executive education, consulting, graduate education in the social sciences, and MBA teaching, as well as research experience in the areas of negotiation and leadership processes. He is the Founding Academic Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation (OPN) at Oxford’s Said Business School (SBS). He designed OPN in 2003, taught its step-by-step approach to negotiation strategy, and served as its Academic Director until 2015. An Associate Fellow, he also designed and co-directed the Oxford Programme on Investment Decision Making and taught SBS Custom Programme.  


At Harvard’s Kennedy School (1996-2003) he was Director of Executive Seminars, where he designed and taught executive programs. The 9 programs that Sherman pioneered at Harvard Kennedy School hosted over 8000 executives during his tenure and accounted over 50% of executive attendances for the School.

His research projects have addressed many aspects of individual, team, and organizational performance, including negotiation, leadership, and the development of expertise. His original model of human behavior is based on research that supports the conclusion that even the most complex human performances can be analyzed into one or some combination of only five truly fundamental behavioral processes: information gathering, choice-making, communicating, producing, and innovating. Prof. Roberts’ new book, Results-Driven Negotiator is scheduled for publication in 2020 and will come out both in paperback and Kindle editions.