EU Public Affairs

The regulatory framework affecting businesses in Europe is to a great extent formulated in the EU legislative process. Ohela Consulting advises you how to get your organisation’s interests taken into account in the preparatory phases leading to Regulations and Directives that will affect your business. We believe in better regulation that profits from the knowledge and experience of stakeholders.
Ohela Consulting can assist you with:

  • Analysis of critical EU agenda for you business
  • Advocacy strategies
  • Advocacy implementation
  • In-house public affairs processes and their development
  • Interim management
  • Regulatory impact assessment



Topical - EU agenda for the next 5 years

The elections of the European Parliament will be held in June 2024. After that a new Commission will be nominated, too. In this context, EU’s agenda for the next 5 years will be defined. This will later materialise in concrete proposals for Regulations, Directives and budget allocations.

Does your organization want to be proactive and have a say on EU’s future agenda? Ohela Consulting offers coaching on the related processes and best practices. Contact us for more information on a standard package or tailored counselling.

EU Public Affairs


Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

In our transparent world it is indispensable that organisations walk their talk on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With a systematic approach you can manage risks and take advantage of positive opportunities. A solid foundation is built with adequate principles and policies, together with processes that ensure  their internal implementation. Your approach should be anchored to publicly recognised, yet carefully selected initiatives to gain credibility with external stakeholders.

Ohela Consulting can help you with:

  • Benchmarking your present situation
  • Responsibility audit
  • Building principles, policies and processes
  • Anchoring reputation with international initiatives
  • International communication strategy
  • Sustainable finance, ESG
  • Interim management
sustainability, corporate social responsibility


Negotiation Training

Negotiation is a crucial leadership ability. Executives and managers in business, governmental, nonprofit, and international organizations all need to negotiate effectively to achieve their institutional and personal goals.

Ohela consulting is the European conduit for Executive Education Programs on Results-Driven Negotiation, a unique research-based, reality-tested approach developed by Professor Sherman D. Roberts, Founding Academic Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation and former Director of Executive Seminars at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Professor Roberts is available to provide negotiation training in-house at your organization, or at any venue you choose throughout Europe.

Programs include:

  • Results-Driven Negotiator, Core, 2 days
  • Results-Driven Negotiator, Advanced, 3 days
  • Results-Driven Negotiator, Expert, 5 days


Sectors & Topics

Ohela Consulting specialises in sectors and topics where it has built a strong professional competency based on prior experience. However, we prefer to take a holistic approach to understand your overall situation and needs first. Our strength is to see particular issues and topics in the wider context.

Ohela Consulting specialises in the following:

  • Forest-based industries
  • Trade policy & Brexit
  • Energy & Climate
  • Carbon Tariffs / Carbon Border Adjustment (CBAM)
  • Circular economy & Environment
  • EU Green Deal
  • EU Internal market & European Economic Area (EEA/EFTA)
  • Technical barriers to trade & Conformity assessment
  • Standardization & Certification & Labelling
  • Industry & Innovation policy
  • CleanTech
  • Process industries
brexit, trade policy, environment, circular economy, internal market, EEA, EFTA, EU, sustainability, forest industry, cleantech, process industry